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This month is heart month and I’m gifting all of you with a gift directly from my heart. For over 15 years my patients, post-graduate students and followers have been asking for a cookbook that expands on all the teachings of Wholistic Rejuvenation…AND…that it’s easy, healthy and tasty – you asked, it’s here! My production team at my new Cooking Institute have been busy for over a year working with me creating and testing recipes that have no ingredients that induce inflammation or sabotage our health. Since we know inflammation is at the foundation of most disorders, and it’s my specialty, the cookbook had to be unique in its ingredients yet so tasty you wouldn’t miss the “unhealthy” ingredients…mission accomplished!

We’ve all been there – you’re going along in life like you’ve always done and suddenly you realize what you’re doing just isn’t working for you anymore…OR…like me, you’re plunged into a completely new dietary protocol as a result of a life-threatening accident and suddenly you’re allergic to everything because you developed an intestinal disorder and liver damage caused by drugs used to save your life.

As a doctor of natural health and running two successful clinics (for 21-years) working with patients EXACTLY with the same symptoms I was now experiencing was very humbling. I was forced to make the dietary changes I counseled my thousands of patients to make…AND…I recovered…all along keeping in mind that achieving and maintaining health is a journey, not a destination…

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I’ve been teaching Wholistic Rejuvenation DETOX online programs for several years now. This year our format will be a bit different. I’m offering you my best-selling book (value $16.95) at NO CHARGE. It details the protocols for initial 90-day detoxification program, recipes and a maintenance schedule as well.  

The basics of this new program include:


  • eBook, full-color 73 pages along with recipes, “Rejuvenation DETOX” – Age without Feeling our Looking Old, Wholistically;
  • ONE initial email to provide you with individualized support to begin the program. I will reply ONLY when this code is in the subject line: Guidance 08017. This is only for initial support for the detox program to gather what you need for specific health conditions or questions about the products used in the protocol…it is not in place of a client consultation. If you have specific health disorders and choose to become a patient, use this U.S. phone number (208.265.8555) to ask for a phone consultation worldwide (I place the call) and to schedule your appointment.
  • ONE final email if you’re following the DETOX protocol at no charge to assist you in proceeding to your individualized maintenance program. The program is 90-days so this email would be 90-120 days AFTER you begin. Place this code in the subject line: Final 08017.

Additional Guidance…

  • 15-Minute Non-Client/Patient Telephone Consultation (I call you in 19 countries)…$35. Includes questions and guidance to continue Rejuvenation Protocols after your initial Detox program. If you then decide to have me further guide you as a new client for 90-days including 3 follow-up emails or phone consultation, to identify the underlying causes of your disorder (s) rather than continue to deal with symptom-care, the fee for this mini-consult will be deducted from the new client fee of $240. Which now includes the laboratory Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (value $149.) that I will interpret during our first new client/patient consult of one-hour. You need to complete all the new client forms from my website and submit online then call the Institute at (888) 352.8175 to schedule a time and make financial arrangements. Appointment phone line available Mon. – Thursday 8: to 2: PACIFIC TIME. 

This offer valid through September 2017 ONLY.

Download BodyBurden_R3_2017_ebook to download your FREE copy of “Rejuvenation DETOX”.

  Okay, before you think this doctor’s cheese has slipped off her emotional cracker, the name for this recipe came from combining two of my favorite recipes – Quiche and Strata. Sometimes the old tried and true recipes and names just don’t work when we’re creating healthy nightshade-free options in our test kitchens, there you have it…it’s not misspelled, it’s intentional!

It’s summer, the last thing I choose to do is turn on the oven or stove and heat-up my kitchen and my home. One of the cooking appliances I would not want to be without is my large convection toaster oven!

This healthy, easy, tasty and satisfying one-dish meal is good anytime, don’t delegate it to simply breakfast – this is a life-saver since I’m not fond of baking because my passion is cooking, the baker in me is just now slowly developing.

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Being of Latin heritage, and now relocating my Institute Health Sciences and Research Center to Ecuador, how could I not like enchiladas. That said, many of my patients and clients are allergic to corn, or have an intolerance to it, so they’ve avoided this delicious south-of-the-border dish. After weeks of experimenting with many vegetables and gluten-free options to find a tasty healthy alternative to corn, we finally perfected it. Using zucchini, it provides us with the health benefits of this vegetable and dish without corn.

Zucchini Enchilada Rolls


1-2 TB. coconut oil

1 large onion, finely chopped

kosher salt (to taste)

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp. ground cumin

3 c. Shredded chicken

1 avocado sliced or cubed for topping

4 strips bacon or turkey bacon (fried until crisp to crumble)

2 c. Dr. Gloria’s nightshade-free enchilada sauce, divided*

4 large zucchini, halved lengthwise

1 c. Shredded Monterey Jack

1 c. shredded sharp Cheddar

Sour cream, for drizzling

Fresh cilantro leaves, chopped for garnish


  • Preheat oven to 350º. In large skillet over medium heat, heat the oil. Add onion and season with salt. Cook until transparent and soft, about 5 minutes.
  • Add crumbled bacon, garlic, cumin, shredded chicken and half the sauce and stir until combined and well-coated in sauce.
  • On a cutting board, use a vegetable peeler to make thin slices of zucchini. Lay out three, slightly overlapping, and place a spoonful of chicken mixture on top. Roll up and transfer to a baking dish. Repeat with remaining zucchini and chicken mixture.

    Spoon remaining 1/3 cup enchilada sauce over zucchini enchiladas and sprinkle with cheeses.

    Bake until melted, about 20 minutes. Before serving, garnish with sour cream cilantro and avocado.

    * Dr. Gloria’s EASY Nightshade-free Enchilada Sauce

    2 ½ cups chicken broth

    1 tablet Mexican Chocolate (contains cinnamon) – Familiar brands are “Abuelita” and “Ybarra”, available in most Mexican markets, the ethnic section of major grocery stores and online.

  • Directions:

    • Heat one cup broth and dissolve the entire chocolate tablet like the one pictured, stirring frequently to avoid sticking:
    • Place one cup broth with chocolate and additional one cup broth in deep skillet.
    • Slowly boil, stirring consistently, until it reduces to a thick sauce to your taste and desired thickness that is easily spread.

    Use both in assembling the enchiladas as well as on top before baking. This sauce is also the base for my award-winning Mexican Chicken Mole, stay tuned…

Patients and readers keep asking me to share healthy alternatives for desserts…you asked, here it is. It was published in Total Health magazine so I’ve included the published recipe article, enjoy.

When you click on each of the 3 pages, it will open to a larger view

     Summer is right around the corner and raspberries will soon appear…OR… If you, like me, have some stashed in the freezer, use them now in this delicious South American rendition of a French favorite dessert. The tasty red berries hit just the right balance of sweet and a little tart, perfect for a dessert that isn’t too sugary sweet. If you’ve never tried this classic French dessert before, then you are missing out, especially with a bit of Latin flair. It’s a simple dish of fruit covered in a thick, custard batter, somewhat like flan. It’s the perfect treat for most semi-sweet fruits but can be paired with so many delectable toppings. Read the recipe, and give this Latin twist on a French treat a try for yourself!…keep reading…

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You keep asking for more nightshade-free recipes so here’s another delectable one from the testing and teaching kitchen of Dr. Gloria’s Ecuadorian Kitchen at her Health Sciences & Research Center….

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First of all, thank you to my readers for all the encouraging messages regarding my new 2017 column in Total Health Magazine. I’ve been privileged to be a writer for this publication for over ten years reporting on the latest natural health news. After many requests, I began a new monthly column combining recipes, tidbits about the history of the ingredients, the health benefit of each ingredient, and a glimpse into my adventures in my new home base in South America. Last year I relocated my Health Sciences/Research/Publishing division of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation to the high Andes of Cotacachi, Ecuador. The Institute remains in Idaho as always serving my clients and patients and scheduling my worldwide consultations via telephone.

As with any new challenge, I wondered if my readers, students, patients and listeners of my radio shows would be interested in my adventures in Ecuador…you let me know you are…so the new article recipe column was created thanks to the continuing support of my work by Total Health Magazine. Therefore, instead of sending you each article published monthly, I will strive to send you the link to them quarterly along with title and a little bit about each in my blogs. As many of my readers have done, I encourage you to print the recipes and begin to create your own “Library of Health” with taste-tempting nightshade-free delights tested in my research kitchen in Ecuador…

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Spending time in Ecuador I’ve come to appreciate SO much that we in the U.S. take for granted. One specific thing is my withdrawal from white sweet potatoes because they are not commonly grown or used here, YET, but rather they grow several varieties of sweet potatoes that in the U.S. we often refer to as yams.

Necessity is the mother of invention and I have a new favorite I discovered that taste to me just like fried hash browns cubed and they’re delicious, healthy, and so satisfying especially when we’re avoiding the genre of nightshade foods that we know ignite inflammation.

The following is a real treat and you can find green plantains in the U.S. as they are being discovered by Americans who have traveled to South America and other cultures where they are a diet staple…

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I am honored that Total Health Magazine (who I’ve written for over 15 years) is now publishing my new monthly recipe article column, “Health thru Education” – Recipes from Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen. In addition, each month I’ll provide you with a bit of my adventures in my new homeland that has welcomed me with open arms as well and my Health Sciences & Research Center now located high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador at 8,000 ft. in the city of eternal spring. I’ll share some historical perspectives and personal experiences so you can virtually enjoy the journey with me.

This column not only provides Nightshade-FREE delicious and easy recipes, it also gives you the health benefits of each key ingredient. I encourage you to print or archive each article and begin creating your own “Health thru Education” Library.

Here’s the January 2017 first recipe article: Majado Verde — Dr. Gloria’s “New” Nightshade-FREE Potato”

Download Jan.2017 Majado

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Gloria

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