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After 15+ years as president/research consultant of two non-profit international fibromyalgia organizations, and numbers of those afflicted rising to epidemic proportions – now estimated to be one in forty people – my commitment of finding causes, effects and non-drug solutions to inflammatory disorders is one I take very seriously. Both in my private virtual global practice and in teaching post graduate courses for health professionals, my professional commitment of “Health thru Education™” remains focused on identifying and reporting natural solutions.

SAFE Pain Alternatives to Toxic Drugs

This research article helps you to understand the terms Kinase or Kinase Modulators

               Kinases play a critical role in pain syndromes because they are the signals that influence transmission of the pain cascade and the signal pathways from the affected areas to the brain. The use of kinase modulating ingredients help to interrupt pain signals and I’ve found it to be extremely effective for most pain syndromes particularly those from fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lupus, etc.

               Interrupting pain signals not only provides soft tissue relief but also join relief. In other words, if pain signals are not getting through to the portion of the brain that sends up “red flags” that then accelerate existing pain, pain is lessened…CLICK HERE to read full report

Presented for Educational Purposes by: Dr. Gloria Gilbere

The Way I See It…

Okay, it’s the middle of January and you’re still struggling with those unwanted pounds and sluggishness after the holiday delicacies…AND…you didn’t register for my 4-week Detox TeleSeminar…

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably think of fat as the enemy. The fat you’re fighting, however, is white fat – different from the brown fat in your body. Brown fat burns calories at a super-charged rate, and active brown fat can burn the white fat stored in your body – possibly helping you to lose weight and lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Research is now focused on methods of increasing brown fat…CLICK to continue reading

Research presented for educational purposes by Dr. Gloria Gilbere

The Way I See It…

  • Discover which is worse; white or brown fat;
  • Learn which fat is worse for your health – hip or belly fat;
  • Scientists believe that body fat is one of the most fascinating organs;
  • Fat has many more functions in the body than originally thought;
  • Fat releases hormones that control metabolism;
  • Newer research shows that body fat is no longer the enemy of a healthy body and mind; sugar and food groups that convert to sugar and additives are the villains;
  • There are basically FIVE types of body fat.

Until recently, scientists and medical professionals believed that body fat was mostly worthless; new research has now shed new light on that. Click All Fat is NOT Created Equal to continue reading…

2nd Reminder: We didn’t offer a DETOX TeleSeminar last year and many of you are asking for one PRE- and POST the Holidays because you’re experiencing that sluggishness that is a tell-tale sign your body needs to reduce it’s overall body burden, especially before all that Holiday Gastronomic Indulgence of high fat-sugar-carbs and libations.

Gift yourself the gift that keeps giving via life style modifications that “add more LIFE to your Years rather than dealing with symptom-care that simply adds years to your life without quality of life”.

I’ll teach you the techniques I teach my post-graduate students for Wholistic Body Rejuvenation that enables you to “Age Without Looking or Feeling Old, Naturally.” In addition, I’ll send you handouts, eBooks and guides to help you make healthy and easy life-style transitions.

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Being raised by my paternal grandmother, who was a natural healer and herbalist, gave me a unique foundation for how my professional life would eventually evolve. Grandma used baking soda almost daily for one reason or another from heartburn to stain removal…AND…so do I!

This cheap, effective ingredient is one of the most versatile and powerful natural remedies for many reasons. It can be used as a proactive approach to colds, headaches, cancer, skin disorders, and much more through its ability to quickly alkalize the body. We now know scientifically that when a body’s urine pH (first void of the morning upon arising) remains at an average of 7.5, no bacteria, virus, fungus or even cancer can survive. Additionally, it can be used as a product for oral hygiene and as a deodorant, etc..

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   About 60% of the adult human body is made up of water…AND…when that water runs low, your body lets you know – often, this comes in the form of pain. That said, many people don’t make the connection that the pain (physically AND emotionally) is being caused by a form of dehydration. Because water, and the water in our cells, play such a critical role in our body’s effective functioning, it is no surprise that nearly every organ in our bodies needs to be adequately hydrated to function properly.

Many people, even some medical professionals, confuse severe dehydration with other health issues and, therefore, patients may then be misdiagnosed and prescribed unnecessary drugs or treatment, when simply optimizing cellular hydration would resolve many of their clinical complaints without the potential side effects of drugs…Click to continue reading…

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Heart Attacks & The Water Component  

Because inflammation is my top specialty, when I speak about ways to live inflammation-free most people don’t believe I’ll be addressing heart attacks; but inflammation plays a crucial role. They also believe I’ll mostly deal with which foods to eat, which to avoid, and some supplements or remedies to rid themselves of their inflammation and the ensuing pain…That…however, misses another vital aspect of not only helping avoid and reverse inflammation but of supporting overall detoxification to reduce inflammation and recapture your quality of life. That missing link is WATER, WATER…yes…WATER!

To further illustrate the importance of water, I’ll discuss a scenario most people can relate to…that is…not wanting to drink water either close to or at bedtime because they will have to get-up during the night to urinate. With that said, let me give you an example that I find most people never heard, not even some health professionals:…

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This month is heart month and I’m gifting all of you with a gift directly from my heart. For over 15 years my patients, post-graduate students and followers have been asking for a cookbook that expands on all the teachings of Wholistic Rejuvenation…AND…that it’s easy, healthy and tasty – you asked, it’s here! My production team at my new Cooking Institute have been busy for over a year working with me creating and testing recipes that have no ingredients that induce inflammation or sabotage our health. Since we know inflammation is at the foundation of most disorders, and it’s my specialty, the cookbook had to be unique in its ingredients yet so tasty you wouldn’t miss the “unhealthy” ingredients…mission accomplished!

We’ve all been there – you’re going along in life like you’ve always done and suddenly you realize what you’re doing just isn’t working for you anymore…OR…like me, you’re plunged into a completely new dietary protocol as a result of a life-threatening accident and suddenly you’re allergic to everything because you developed an intestinal disorder and liver damage caused by drugs used to save your life.

As a doctor of natural health and running two successful clinics (for 21-years) working with patients EXACTLY with the same symptoms I was now experiencing was very humbling. I was forced to make the dietary changes I counseled my thousands of patients to make…AND…I recovered…all along keeping in mind that achieving and maintaining health is a journey, not a destination…

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By: Dr. Gloria Gilbere

Night Time Light Exposure – NOT a Bright Idea – Part 2 of 2

Here are important things you should know about blue light:

o          Blue light is everywhere.

Sunlight is the main source of blue light and being outdoors during daylight is where most of us get most of our exposure to it. But there are also many man-made, indoor sources of blue light, including fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-screen televisions.

Most notably, the display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light. The amount of HEV light these devices emit is only a fraction of that emitted by the sun. But the amount of time people spend using these devices and the proximity of these screens to the user’s face have many eye doctors and other health care professionals concerned about possible long-term effects of blue light on eye health.

Click the link to read the entire research and article: Night Time Light Exposure 2 of 2

   Holiday Health Risks – “Over-consumption Syndrome”

by Gloria Gilbѐre, CDP, DA Hom, ND, PhD, DSC, EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist, HTMA Practitioner

Personal Note from Dr. Gloria

This article was previously published; however, I’ve had many request to re-publish…here it goes.

As an AFTERWORD to the original article, think about this; we forget the amount of stress we put on ourselves, and allow others to place upon us, particularly for the holidays. Having reached my 71st year and determined that this is “The beginning of the best part of the rest of my life” allow me to share some “food for thought” that I’ve personally experienced and learned from that has finally brought me the peace in my life that always escaped me. It’s a time to give thanks for so many things, most of all, that you have come to the point in your life where “you can afford anything except being around negative people – negativity is a dangerous contagious disease.” I am thankful to all my loyal patients and followers and pray each of you will reach the same peace and fulfillment I have by taking back your own personal power. At times, we agree to spend time with those who take more energy than they give, all without thinking of what those compromises mean to our Wholistic health – whether it be your parents, in-laws, neighbors, friends, coworkers, siblings or even your children. My gift to you this holiday season is to share the favorite quotes I live by and hope they shine the light of health, peace and inspiration in your life as they have mine.  CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

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