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June 2012 – Is Your Mind Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash?

Okay, I know this title sounds like something from outer space. In reality, it’s happening every minute of every day in the modern world. Complaints of conditions like “brain-fog”, short-term memory loss, anxiety and stress disorders have never been higher except maybe during the Great Depression.

Additionally, did you know that our brains shrink as we age? – not a pleasant thought but reality. Over the course of your life, your brain will lose 5 to 10 percent of its mass. This deterioration begins at about age 20. Yes, there are things you can do to minimize this shrinkage and actually provide the brain “fuel” to continue healthy functions and even grow new grain cells, yes, I said “new” brain cells.

This month I strive to provide you with “tools” to enhance your brain power as well as how to reduce stresses that eventually affect overall physical health like disorganization, hoarding, and clutter in your personal and professional life.

I also interview a professional Business Strategist that will give us his “tools-of-the-trade” for avoiding bouncing mental checks.

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For years, scientistsbelieved we only had as many brain cells as we were born with; now we know that is not correct. Science has proved that brain cells can and do grow when the growth factors that decline with age are put back. It’s not only important to grow new brain cells, it’s also vital to slow down the shrinking of those cells as we age.

This week I’ll provide information about our brain and what science has now discovered about how it ages, regenerates and how to keep it healthy.

This month I detailed some of the causes and effects of “Brain-fog” and why Your Mind is Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash…the following are wellness action tips to help clear your head as well as avoid becoming a victim of more serious disorders like multiple allergic response syndromes (MARS© and all the disorders classified as autoimmune.

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