Your Health Detective: Recipes

Many of my patients and readers ask exactly where my Health Sciences and Research Center is based within Ecuador, the map above shows its placement in the country…thanks for asking. My Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation and all Patient Services are … Read More

Your Health Detective: Premature Aging

The most common nutritional deficiency in the U.S. is iron deficiency…AND…women are at greatest risk for obvious reasons that include monthly cycles, child birth, hormone changes, etc. Without hemoglobin, a protein that helps red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the … Read More

Your Health Detective: pH

Knowing and monitoring your urine pH (potential hydrogen) is vital to good health. A pH level that is below the healthy range means your body is not doing a good job of ridding your system of acid, therefore, creating the … Read More

Your Health Detective: Pain & Inflammation

I’m often asked to define various flours, which are gluten-free, how they’re made, and how best used…you asked, here it is in brief: Brown Rice Flour (gluten-free): Has the closest structure-building properties to white rice flour and a slight graininess with … Read More

Your Health Detective

February, as many of you experience, especially if that special someone – anyone – wants to show they’re sweet on you, is a month where traditionally chocolate, wine and roses abound. CLICK to Read Entire Report. Remember in order for … Read More

Your Health Detective

My Dear Readers: First and foremost at this challenging time our world has been forced to endure, I pray all of you and your loved ones are staying informed, staying smart and staying safe. What do I mean by that? … Read More

Your Health Detective: Oral Health (Dentistry)

Good oral health is muchmore than brushing, flossing, and supplementing with calcium vitamins D and C. Studies indicate omega-3 fats help calm oral inflammation caused by infections – not to mention the overall benefit for widespread inflammation throughout the body. … Read More

Your Health Detective: Newsworthy

When working with clients who are victims of emotional imbalances that include, but are limited to, anxiety, panic, and depression, we work together to help them balance Wholistically: body, mind and spirit. Science has demonstrated the importance of cultivating a … Read More

Your Health Detective: Natural Sweeteners

Many of you have been asking me to share some of my Nightshade-FREE recipes that will be included in my upcoming cookbook about eating to avoid and reverse inflammation. When the cookbook is released, all Premium Subscribers will receive it … Read More