Your Health Detective: Weight

I’m often asked to define various flours, which are gluten-free, how they’re made, and how best used…you asked, here it is in brief: Brown Rice Flour (gluten-free): Has the closest structure-building properties to white rice flour and a slight graininess with … Read More


Your Health Detective: Vitamins & Minerals

The most common nutritional deficiency in the U.S. is iron deficiency…AND…women are at greatest risk for obvious reasons that include monthly cycles, child birth, hormone changes, etc. Without hemoglobin, a protein that helps red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the … Read More

Your Health Detective: Travel (Staying Healthy)

Healing and 100x MORE POWERFUL than Antibiotics… After the holidays – the stress, rich food, alcoholic libations, travel, weather changes, etc. – your body is primed to catch “something.” The healing properties of the following recipe for Garlic Soup are … Read More

Your Health Detective: Thyroid Health

Victims of Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS©)             As a doctor of natural health, author, medical researcher, and recovered victim of MARS/MCSS/EI, it is my goal in consulting with you to provide the necessary” tools” to rebuild your health and spread … Read More

Your Health Detective: Spring Allergies

No one who responds to seasonal allergens looks forward to spring, especially when the tree pollen’s and dust begin flying. That said, you can minimize or eliminate – as I did – allergic responses to airborne triggers by taking simple steps … Read More

Your Health Detective: Sleep

The Right Side of WRONG – Sleeping in the Wrong Position is Health-depleting… On average, we hopefully sleep about eight hours every night, which means we actually spend a third of our lives in bed. Sleep is incredibly important for … Read More

Your Health Detective: Seasonal Allergies

For over twenty years I’ve focused my consulting practice in helping clients and patients who are very reactive to foods and environmental triggers. I’ve used two nutraceuticals to help manage those frightening allergic responses with great success because many people, including myself, … Read More