Your Health Detective: February 2019

Thank you to all who emailed me letting me know the link was broken for download of my FREE eBook, I so appreciate your loyalty and subscription.

Here is the direct link to download your FREE eCookbook:  

In April my new cooking show, “Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen – The Anti-Inflammation Advantage” will go live and all the videos will be available in our cooking library collection. You will all receive an email with instructions on how become a member, however, ALL recipes will always be at NO CHARGE.

Because inflammation is at the foundation of most disorders and diseases, these videos are long over-due so that I can literally take each of you by the hand in my Institute Kitchen and make it easy to cook delicious, nutritious and healthy meals with NO…

  • Gluten
  • Nightshades
  • High Carbohydrate foods/grains
  • Preservatives/Additives (we make everything from scratch, including sauces, marinades and BBQ specialties without nightshades)
  • Trans-fats, etc.
  • NOTE: Maybe we should have named it the “NO Cookbook”!

These recipes and videos are more than eleven years in the making. My Producer, Brian, finally dusted it off my “to do shelf” and began the long tedious work of creating and building the Cooking Institute with me and then putting my recipes into a cookbook. Then came the live videos and working with Joel, our local expert videographer, for production. Trust me, I now have an entirely new appreciation for all those live cooking shows…it’s A LOT of work but when health and healthy cooking are your passions, it is also alot of fun…we laugh, eat and then sigh when we have to do the clean-up!

All recipes now and in the future will be at NO CHARGE, the only charge will be the video cooking classes via membership to help us cover the cost of production.

You may be doing everything correct in your supplements and daily routine but without making healthy food choices the end result will never be fully successful – this is where “Health thru Education” comes in…we are what we eat, so come into my kitchen and let’s partake in creative ways to substitute foods and ingredients that DO NOT induce inflammation and the diseases that ensue…stay tuned.

P.S. Feel free to pass the link along to anyone interested in avoiding and overcoming Inflammation!

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Gloria – The Doctor Who Cookstm

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