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First of all, thank you to my readers for all the encouraging messages regarding my new 2017 column in Total Health Magazine. I’ve been privileged to be a writer for this publication for over ten years reporting on the latest natural health news. After many requests, I began a new monthly column combining recipes, tidbits about the history of the ingredients, the health benefit of each ingredient, and a glimpse into my adventures in my new home base in South America. Last year I relocated my Health Sciences/Research/Publishing division of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation to the high Andes of Cotacachi, Ecuador. The Institute remains in Idaho as always serving my clients and patients and scheduling my worldwide consultations via telephone.

As with any new challenge, I wondered if my readers, students, patients and listeners of my radio shows would be interested in my adventures in Ecuador…you let me know you are…so the new article recipe column was created thanks to the continuing support of my work by Total Health Magazine. Therefore, instead of sending you each article published monthly, I will strive to send you the link to them quarterly along with title and a little bit about each in my blogs. As many of my readers have done, I encourage you to print the recipes and begin to create your own “Library of Health” with taste-tempting nightshade-free delights tested in my research kitchen in Ecuador…

The following are recipe/articles published 1st quarter 2017:

JanuaryMajado Verde (mashed green plantains): Being an advocate and teacher about the health benefits of avoiding all the foods in the nightshade family, this is my newly discovered substitute for potatoes…and they’re absolutely delicious and satisfying, especially as hashed browns for breakfast. 

February – Salsa Jovan: This has become my everything salsa and it will be yours too…especially if you love avocados like I do and understand their health benefits. 

March – Locro de Papas: This is white sweet potato soup with cheese. I love potatoes, as most of you know from my published work, so I had to find South American recipes that are traditional and make the necessary adaptations…this one is a winner!

 Yes, I’m a “foodie doctor” and thankful that I am since I am completely inflammation and pain-free unless I eat nightshades, which is why my health detective work and creations in my test kitchen are so important. For those of you that believe avoiding nightshades takes away most of the pleasures of eating, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t because once you avoid them and experience the huge benefits you’ll wish you had made the life-style modifications earlier.

Enjoy the benefits of what we research and create in my test kitchen, clink the link below to download all my Night-shade free recipes…

Nightshade-free Recipes 

Buen Provecho from Cotacachi, Ecuador…Dr. Gloria

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