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I still can’t believe that after more than fifteen years of writing about, and consulting with clients about, how to stay healthy while away from home, they’re still getting sick most of the time they travel because they “forget” what precautions to take and what to pack with them. SO…here are my tips for staying healthy that I use and recommend and Thank God I don’t get sick when I travel and I do so extensively stateside and internationally. Clients and readers want to know what to do, what I do and why…here it goes…AGAIN…

Flying – Cruising – Bus – Train – Hotels (Any place with crowds and recirculated air)

Few instances compromise our health as much as traveling or being in crowds or health care facilities. Your immune system is challenged simply by change in environment, a diet you don’t always have control over, jet-lag, lack of hydration, AND those changes of altitude and weather…not to mention all those invisible germs “floating” around in everything we touch, breathe and eat! It’s better to stay healthy than to get well, just ask anyone who’s come home from vacation only to spend several days’ sick with colds, chest and sinus infections, flu, or those nasty traveler symptoms from contaminated food and/or water!…

    • BEFORE departing spray each nostril 5-6 times with professionally-formulated Silver Hydrosol to help kill any “bugs” you inhale (this is NOT your conventional colloidal silver, this is a professional product that is fully absorbed and is NOT a heavy metal). Hold one nostril closed with one hand; with atomizer in the other nostril breathe deeply while spraying. THEN tilt your head back until you feel it travel down your throat. NOW spray the other nostril the same way. Silver hydrosol is my “go to” natural antibiotic because it’s formulated to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold. However, it does not kill your health-enhancing bacteria like antibiotics do. Be sure to have with you on your carry-on. I suggest spraying your nose in this manner each hour of a flight, bus or train trip. On a cruise, for instance, I spray morning, noon and evening and take it orally at first sign of a symptom like even a slight sore throat. I also do so like when I’m in a theatre, conference, hotel, etc.… wherever I don’t have control over what I’m exposed to.
    • CARRY a refill bottle, or two, of Silver Hydrosol with you (I never leave home out-of-town without at least 8 oz. and I take two 8 oz. when I leave the country, packed in my checked bag). Use this to refill your nasal bottle atomizer as well as to take AT THE FIRST sign of illness or when in areas with crowds and recirculated air. I use 2 TB. orally 3-4 times a day, swish in my mouth 1-2 minutes then swallow so that it absorbs sublingually as does a homeopathic.
    • CARRY a small water-proof vial of High Potency C Reaction Rescue. This is my “go to” at the first sign of symptoms or an allergic response to anything; food, environmental toxins, etc. This high-potency is a professional product containing 4,350 mg. in one teaspoon. I put in a little warm water to better dissolve, swish and swallow. Remember vitamin C in this form actually helps reduce inflammation because it oxygenates the tissues. SO, at the start of a headache, especially a migraine-type, take immediately. I purchased a small capsule-like container from a sporting goods store that is water-proof and perfect to carry a couple of teaspoons with me in my handbag make-up case.

  • Once I arrive at my hotel or ship, I FIRST leave my luggage close to the door (not on bed or luggage rack), don’t unpack or place that luggage on the bed, YET! I do this because I’m seeing more and more incidents of clients being exposed to “bed bugs” and the serious health consequences that follow, you need to inspect all the bedding (including pillows), mattress (especially under the pad and look in the seams of the mattress for signs of either bugs or their by-products. Additionally, look for stains on the bedding that could indicate bug by-product residue). IF everything appears un-contaminated then I spray the room with an all organic essential oil complex that is formulated to kill airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. After I unpack and leave the room, for a meal or meeting let’s say, I again spritz the room with 2-3 sprays so it continues to “kill” any health-depleting microorganisms while I’m away. I spray my room each day when I leave for the day and again before bed time to insure I’ve done what I can to create “safe” air. NOTE: For over twenty years I travel with my mini organic down-filled pillow with my own mini pillow cases and barrier-cloth pillow cover, VERY important because you are exposed to, and breathing, whatever is on the pillow for several hours in close proximity more than anything else you’re exposed to. I carry the pillow on my carry-on, not in checked baggage so that I can be sure it isn’t contaminated.
  • If you’re traveling to a region you know has severely compromised air quality, carry a washable lightweight mask with disposable charcoal filters. I’ve carried one for twenty years and it has saved me many times.
    • While in China to teach, if I hadn’t had my mask I’d be breathing that terrible air quality where you can SEE what you’re breathing OR I’d have to subject myself to those toxic disposable masks filled with chemicals.
    • On a flight in Phoenix, AZ in the summer, our plane was delayed over an hour while on the tarmac waiting to depart. Outside was 117 degrees (steam arising from tarmac) and all the jet-fuel fumes where being sucked into the cabin…everyone was coughing, eyes burning, headaches, nausea, etc. My “rescue kit” was under the seat in front of me in my tote.
      • I first took the vitamin C powder then 6 drops of my homeopathic allergic reaction rescue remedy and then put on my charcoal mask…I could have sold one of everything to everyone onboard and later ended up giving a mini-seminar in the plane and again upon our arrival in the terminal to passengers AND flight crew who commented on my quick actions – I practice what I teach!
  • My Experiences:
  • A full-spectrum probiotic is essential daily and potencies should be rotated, especially while traveling. I use two types for this purpose. One, I take daily Travel Pro Immune while traveling as a proactive measure that does not have to be refrigerated and it’s a genre used for food-poisoning and health-depleting microorganisms. I also carry a very high-potency powder (200 Billion microorganisms in one serving) that comes in single-dose powder packets. At the FIRST sign of stomach or G.I. distress I dissolve the packet in a little warm (not hot) water (about 4 oz). and drink. This has also saved me when after eating I’ve developed nausea or stomach distress, which happened recently on a trip to Central America. My symptoms began within 30 minutes of eating. I immediately took the high-potency powder followed by 2 TB. of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and all symptoms were gone within 20 minutes (more on ACV in the next bullet).
  • I always carry a glass bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV – available in health stores and many supermarkets now). This remedy has been used for centuries for its ability to alkalize the body quickly but also because it can resolve heartburn, indigestion and aid in over-coming food poisoning and other bad bugs acquired from food and/or water that is contaminated. It MUST be kept in a glass bottle so I use a dark brown 4 oz. bottle and pack in checked baggage when out of the country, and a 2 oz. bottle when in the states. Be sure to shake the liquid before using so you get that “mother” in every dose – the white film at the bottom which is the starter for the cider but is also the natural probiotic.
  • REMEMBER: Viruses and bacteria cannot survive or thrive in a body that is alkaline, ACV works by immediately changing your body’s pH to alkaline. If you experience travelers’ diarrhea, this is your first line of defense.

NOTE: All this may at first seem overwhelming, it really isn’t when you care enough about your health to make a little kit and just throw it in when you pack – make sure you rotate products so they don’t get old and outdated.

All products below are linked to sources:

RECAP for Your “Rescue Kit”:

  • “I Can Breathe” Mask with Disposable Charcoal Filters
  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – Available in grocery store natural food section and health stores

Bon Voyage

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Bon viatge!

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               Health & Safe Travels!

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