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 Hello and thank you for your support as a subscriber of Your Health Detective Blog. As a new BONUS to your subscription, we’ll be offering FREE “Health thru Education” events that include TeleSummits, TeleSeminars and downloads of interviews and educational health events  –  look for them in your blogs along with other special offers.

This FREE event is for you, If you….

  • Are  fed up with mainstream medicine not getting you well;
  • Are tired of medications  for symptom-care with their side effects:
  • Have a health condition which is not resolving, no matter what you try, AND; 
  • You wish there was some other way…

Well there is. Today I’m offering you the opportunity to listen-in on a discussion that could change the course of your entire life…it’s like attending a world-class health conference from the convenience of your home or office – without the inconvenience and high cost of travel…Click Here to Continue Reading…

Not only can the information presented in this TeleSummit change your life, I’m offering you a way to do it FREE. The Summit begins June 13th and once you register specific call-in information will be emailed.

One of my associates, Dr. Lisa Barrett (Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist), invited me to participate in this GET HEALTHY NOW Telesummit!

And because I was invited to speak, I can invite you to listen in on the entire event (that’s not just my interview but the entire panel of expert speakers)!

Today, I’m inviting you to participate in the GET HEALTHY NOW Telesummit –   FREE!

Dr. Lisa has arranged for more than 20 alternative doctors, holistic practitioners and health advocates to come together in this unique forum to share revolutionary ways to get well naturally.  You can learn from experts how to take charge of your health to achieve a level of wellness and vitality you never dreamed possible.

Take matters into your own hands, NOW. Join me and 20+ holistic wellness experts at the GET HEALTHY NOW TeleSummit.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to achieve wellness, follow the link below and sign up TODAY to reserve your “virtual seat” – space is limited for FREE participants!

I’m honored to be a featured speaker and look forward for you to join me – I’ll be listening in to every TeleSummit session right along with you!

Your Health Detective and Partner in Health,

Dr. Gloria

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