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My previous blog focused on identifying some of the major signs of Parkinson’s Disease. It’s challenging to make a strong direct connection to the underlying causes of this dreaded disease. However, we do know that some of the major contributing factors include, but are not limited to; pesticides – known to accumulate in the nerve pathway that transmits dopamine, mercury, herbicides, organophosphates, mold, zinc, excess iron and drug abuse are suggested triggers.

The unfortunate fact remains that it’s difficult for medicine to make a strong direct link because there is quite a long pre-disease period where no symptoms are actually manifested – all while damage is being done to the brain.

You asked, I listened…here is the Detox “Recipe” I use and recommend for everyone since we all live in a toxic world. Remember, it’s not a “quick fix” so the minimal duration at these levels is 90 days; thereafter, you should be guided by a health professional for your specific symptoms/disorders…click to continue reading…

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In this report I will provide specifics on the functions of each ingredient in the recipe so that you have a better understanding of it’s role in detoxification and anti-aging. In my next report I will finialize descriptions of the remainder of ingredients listed below.

Glutathione — is one of your body’s primary antioxidants.. utilized by virtually every cell in your body, in its cellular enzymatic state (glutathione reductase), to maintain the cell’s healthy (redox) state and prevent the proliferation of harmful free-radicals.  Naturally, to aid detoxification, glutathione levels are highest in the liver and kidneys, which are the body’s primary detoxification organs.

 Cellular detoxification is broken into three phases, and glutathione enhances these stages of detoxification in many ways, including the following:

Phase I (toxin modification) – Toxins are detected within the cell, and modified through oxidation and reduction reactions into forms the body can target.

Phase II (toxin conjugation) – Once a toxin is detected and modified, its activated metabolites are then bound to or “conjugated” directly to glutathione.  There are other charged species in the body which may conjugate toxins, but glutathione is the primary contributor to this process.  In fact, this process is termed “glutathione conjugation.”  The conjugation of glutathione disables the toxic metabolites from diffusing across membranes, so that they are removed from the body in the next step.  

Phase III (excretion) – This step relies upon enzymatic derivatives of glutathione, glutathione S-transferases (GSTs), to catalyze reactions in the body to metabolize and excrete the toxins. All three building blocks of glutathione play important roles in the completion of the detoxification pathway.

Vitamin C — Vitamin C is essential for detoxification in the body, particularly in the liver, as antioxidants help cells neutralize free-radicals that cause cellular damage. Vitamin C is water soluble and mainly found in skin. When antioxidants are low, energy is not available and proper detoxification cannot take place, so toxins accumulate until they can be processed. When there is not enough vitamin C in the body to process the toxins, liver function is compromised.

Lipoic Acid — specifics in next report

Vitamin D — specifics in next report

CoQ10 — specifics in next report

NOTE: Remember that each individual is unique, as is their current state of health. Guidance from a natural health professional is an investment in wellness; facilitating wholistic rejuvenation and staying well rather than getting well, Naturally.

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