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  The holidays are among us and many people, unfortunately, will be purchasing turkey gravy that is heat and serve – BEWARE. One of the most dangerous food additives you can consume is the hidden sources of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and its aliases – often labeled with names that sound healthy but are actually the legal name that can be used to hide MSG when the amount is slightly below the normal regulation that requires individual listing on food labels. Click to continue reading…

The following is the list of ingredients directly from a prepared turkey gravy that almost sent me, and several of my clients, to the emergency room. It was purchased at one of the large discount stores. You’ll notice the highlighted ingredients; they can be aliases for MSG as I’ve written about

Ingredients: Turkey Gravy (Water, Turkey Base [Turkey Meat, Salt, Maltodextrin, Chicken Fat, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Sugar, Spice, Spice Extract, Whey (Milk), Caramel Color, Modified
Food Starch, Onion, Mushrooms, Natural Turkey Flavor, Caramel Color, Sodium
Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (preservatives), Xanthan Gum). Contains: Milk

Additionally, watch out for any label that generically lists ingredients like spice (s), flavorings, seasonings…if the exact ingredient is not listed, they’re hiding something – usually MSG. Foodcoloring is also a culprit for many people…add these ingredients together and you literally

have a “toxic soup”.

Common Allergic Responses to MSG:

  • Heaviness in the chest as if an elephant is lying on it;
  • Pain in-between the shoulder blades in the thoracic region;
  • Swelling of the face, throat or hands;
  • Rapid or pounding heartbeat and, often, symptoms that mimic a heart attack;
  • Intestinal symptoms such as diarrhea.

Remember, if all ingredients are not specifically listed, don’t buy it. Better yet, make your own gravies, sauces and salad dressings – they are the most chemical-laden food products available.

Allergic Response First-Aid

The following is what I use as well as what I recommend to my clients. It’s important to immediately neutralize the ingested chemical or you will end up in the emergency room, only to be given epinephrine or Benadryl which many people also react negatively to. Unless your throat is closing in an anaphylactic reaction, you can usually alleviate the allergic response yourself, if you know what to have on hand. I carry the following in small quantities in my handbag as well as in my carry-on luggage when traveling or eating away from home. For me, this approach works when my throat begins to restrict from a food and has kept many of my clients from that dreaded trip to a toxic emergency room that actually only has two main measures to help you through the allergc reaction.

A proactive approach is the best, be prepared. The following are listed in the order I use and
recommend in my practice of working with the most highly-sensitive people in the world:

  • Place two Alka-Seltzer GOLD tablets in warm water and swallow immediately as they’re
    dissolved. This helps to alkaline the body so the response is less severe and, often, buys you much needed time. Make sure it’s the GOLD, not original Alka-Seltzer; available at most drug stores over-the-counter.
  • Take a high-potency professional High potency Vitamin C powder (at least 4,000 mg) in a small glass of very warm water – swish in your mouth a few seconds then swallow so that you can absorb sublingually. The one I’ve used and recommend for over 20 years is 4,350 mg in one
    heaping teaspoon. This is only available from health care professionals.
  • A proprietary liquid homeopathic called Allergic Reaction Rescue – take 6 drops under tongue
    at first sign of an allergic reaction. Repeat every 3-5 minutes depending on severity of reaction – relief should be felt within 15 minutes. This formula is specifically compounded for the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation and is not available elsewhere.
  • Get out in fresh air and take deep abdominal breaths, don’t stay in a stale room without
    fresh air – you need the oxygen.

Author’s Perspective

I personally had an acute reaction to a turkey gravy while eating at a friend’s home last year. Within 30 minutes of eating the gravy I felt heaviness in my chest and pain in my thoracic region – I knew immediately I was having a response to hidden MSG. I inquired if the gravy was home made and was told it was. Upon leaving I saw a container on the counter and it was “Home Style” Turkey Gravy that was Heat and Serve. I read the ingredients and realized I had a mega dose of MSG — the extact ingredients are those listed above.  I hadn’t had that type of a reaction in over 5 years and it was
terrifying. I embarked on the protocol listed above. I called a friend to come immediately in case I did have to seek conventional medical help. Within 30 minutes I was almost over the reaction but my body felt like I’d been run-over; achy all over and exhausted. I continued the protocol the next day and all symptoms cleared. Had I gone to the emergency room the epinephrine would have been worse since I’m allergic to it and it triggers acute tachycardia that can bring on a life-threatening heart event.

It is my belief that many so called “heart attacks” that end up in the emergency room are actually an allergic response to food additives, specifically MSG. Become informed. If you do not have a copy of my list of all the hidden sources of
MSG, email for a pdf at no charge, please do not ask for advice. For those who consult with me, the laminated cards are available to you on your initial consultation at no charge and thereafter simply for the cost of the printing.

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