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The youngest older generation ever…

When people hear I’m a grandparent of four they comment “you can’t possibly be” – but a proud grandparent I am. Likewise, are the over 75 million baby-boomers who are entering this amazingly rewarding right of passage and redefining their image about how a grandparent looks, acts, and thinks.

Every eight seconds another baby boomer turns 50

It’s an exciting time when 50 has become “the new 30” and traditional ideals of what it is to be middle-aged are now out the window – this 40-to-60 something crowd is holding on to their youth, albeit kicking and screaming, as their emphasis turns to maintaining youthfulness along with a determination to lead a full, vital, rich life…click to continue reading…

Boomer grandparents are not giving up careers or entrepreneurial aspirations to stay at home and bake cookies or knit, nor are they wearing knee-hi stockings and tight corset-type girdles as they go from grey to greyer. We may not do the same things our grandparents did but we are focused, active, professionally engaged, globe trotters, health conscious, and we look younger – on our own terms.

It’s an exciting time when 50 has become “the new 30” and traditional ideals of what it is to be middle-aged are now out the window – this 40-to-60 something crowd is holding on to their youth, albeit kicking and screaming, as their emphasis turns to maintaining youthfulness along with a determination to lead a full, vital, rich life. 

The Demands of Aging

    With these exciting aging processes we find ourselves in the realization that we are thrust into many demands our grandparents didn’t face. Our adult children, spouses and friends need us, our grandchildren count on us, and our jobs and business ventures demand more and more as the world spins faster with less individual time, patience and sensitivity, and…we’re living longer. It’s also the time in our lives that we worry about having enough money to maintain the life-style we’ve earned and grown accustomed to…especially in these challenging economic times when what we believed were good financial investments for the second part of our life went down the drain with the down turn. Now we need to turn our focus on our health investments, it’s a sure thing.

Many of us are, have been, or will be, caregivers to our parents, grandparents and grandchildren. Because we are living longer, the demands on our energy and time require new life-style changes and methodologies to not only preserve our vitality and health, but also to maintain it.

We are the generation that plans for everything – now we have the opportunity to purposely plan for the mental and physical energy necessary to assist in carrying out our anti-aging long-range strategies; adding life to our years, not simply years to our life, naturally!

Daily I’m asked what nutrient I use and recommend for baby-boomers; those recommendations are not as “cut and dry” as they may seem since our specific needs and deficiencies are many. That said, in this and subsequent articles, I will attempt to answer all your questions about boomers as viewed at a glance from where I sit as a health professional and wholistic rejuvenist.

Today, nutraceuticals have progressed to a level never before imagined; unique supplements to enhance mind and body are one of the most exciting and effective strategies to come along in our generation.  The following nutraceuticals and distinctive herbals are formulated to benefit a wide spectrum of individuals who demand supplements and functional foods to not only assist them in living longer, but also provide quality and vitality to their life.

What do baby-boomers demand out of nutritional and metabolic foods?

They know their body demands supplementation, however, they need specific professionally formulated supplements that will:

ü   Boost mental & physical energy – especially beneficial for busy retirees and professionals whose demanding lives and careers need a boost of natural energy for stamina and immune enhancement by strengthening and detoxifying blood functions (1). It’s an added bonus when the supplement is also an organic, kosher green food.

ü   Provide a convenient healthy source of protein that is readily digestible through fermentation (2). Because reducing our fasting blood sugar levels is a huge part of anti-aging, it’s important this functional food also addresses regulation of blood sugar levels.

ü    Supply a broad array of minerals and electrolytes that are bio-available (easily utilized within the body). In most individuals, this added supplementation is not needed if they consume medical foods because of their mineral/electrolyte content. If you’re on a strict detox protocol, or experience chronic diarrhea or muscle cramps, additional support is needed (3).

ü   Assist boomers in the youth of old age with enhanced cognitive function, memory enhancement & overall quality of life (4).

ü   Enhance stamina from stress, lack of sleep, and a diet of fast and over-processed food (5).

In my subsequent article I’ll provide you with insights for maximizing immunity, cellular energy, inflammation, reducing muscle fatigue and oxidative stress, naturally.

As baby-boomers and grandparents, we can immortalize ourselves by leaving our soul with a child, after all, isn’t grand-parenting our second chance to make a difference in the life of a child? We cannot accomplish that if our long-term plans do not include providing our bodies and minds what they need to add life to our years. The image of grand-parenting has changed and so have the new choices we have available for nutritional support, naturally.

  The Way I See It…

(1)One way to get jam-packed nutrients is to make a fresh green juice daily; with newer juicers and emulsifiers, its as easy as packing all the veggies into the blender and customizing the flavor to suite your taste. If time doesn’t permit, find a green drink at your health food store that does NOT contain any nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.) or you may be providing good nutrition while accelerating inflammation. Just one-teaspoon in water twice a day provides cellular energy while boosting immunity and providing the equivalent of approximartely 1.5 pounds of raw vegetables per teaspoonalong with a vegetarian source of protein. Greens also act as a “vacuum cleaner” for the blood – assisting in removal of toxic metabolic substances that prevent us from reaching our metabolic peak.

(2) This can easily be achieved through medical foods like GlycemX 360 that provide a hefty dose of vegetable protein. In addition to making a tasty smoothie, it contains vitamins, minerals, and targeted plant nutrients to assist in providing energy while supporting normal blood sugar levels. Millions of boomers have developed Type 2 diabetes or are currently on the verge, with conditions like Metabolic syndromes or Insulin-resistance. I use this shake on a daily basis rotated with other medical foods for overall detoxification and for support of inflammation when it rears its ugly head. These products are only available through health professionals. Some people lament that it’s expensive; if you figure out that one serving of a shake (equivalent to one full meal in nutrition), costs about $4.00 per meal, that’s a small price to pay for healthy, jam-packed nutrition.

(3) Electrolyte Plus C is very effective. It’s a professional product in a lemon-lime effervescent powder easily mixed into water

(4) CogniFactors is a professional product that provides specific botanicals, amino acids, circulatory aides, antioxidants and nutrients for optimal cognitive function and memory enhancement. It’s in capsule form and I’ve found it to be very effective in patients after the initial load dose of about 6 weeks. For anyone beginning to exhibit signs of cognitive challenges, begin it now before “Your mind writes checks your body can’t cash.”

(5) Nothing helps overall health and anti-aging like good restful sleep. That said, it becomes more of a challenge as we age and our melatonin levels significantly drop. Sleep Factors, a complex I use and recommend with great success, is a natural blend that combines melatonin, botanicals known for centuries to encourage deep restful sleep, relaxing amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Your Health Detective…

Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

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