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  It’s almost spring and many of you  already called the Health Matters Store to order your homeopathic remedy for pollen and weeds…if you haven’t, you’ll soon wish you had. Everytime the U.S. goes through a winter that is unusually wet, either by rain or heavy snow, pollen counts are extremely high and cause serious symptoms. 

Before you run out and buy an over-the-counter antihistamine or get a prescription from your doctor for a steroid, consider homeopathics. Homepathic remedies are prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions;  each allergic response is indivdualized and one medication or remedy doesn’t fit everyone in every part of the world. For instance, the allergens in north Idaho, where I’m based, are very different than those in Arizona, South Carolina or upper state New York…click to continue reading…

You can purchase decongestants but they’re dangerous; they can suddenly raise your blood pressure; causing an even more serious conditon. Additionally, decongestants such as pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine only help to temporarily relieve the stuffiness or symptoms of allergies; they shouldn’t be taken more than 3 days as you can easily become dependent on them. The spring allergy season doesn’t just last 3 days, so you’re left with having to choose yet another drug for symptom-care with more side-effects.

Pollen from trees, grass and weeds are the culprits for most spring allergies. Using a homeopathic that contains a complex of these allergens helps to not only relieve the symptoms but also to prevent them. Allergic responses cause infections when nasal passages get inflamed. Homeopathics help the body to build a tolerance to the allergens – it’s like nature’s immunization.


I moved to north Idaho from California in the late 1980’s. Never having any previous seasonal allergies in smoggy California, it never dawned on me that my new chosen home would be such a mecca for pollen.

The first spring I was miserable! Having been trained in homeopathy, I immediately began working with my homeopathic compounding pharmacist to guide me into formulating a remedy to help my body deal with the symptoms that included a violent frontal sinus headache, itchy and swollen eyes, and a deep bronchial irritation that kept me hacking all night without a productive cough. 

On the direction of my pharmacist, I went out and literally shook several tree branches that hung over my office balcony, with my secretary holding a laboratory Petri dish to collect the pollens. In retrospect, we must have looked pretty strange in our full head gear like bee keepers wear, rubber gloves, white pants and top and covers over our shoes; all in an attempt to not further aggravate my exposure to what was sabotaging my quality of life and my health. NOTE: The above photo is NOT me but you get the idea!

How to Take a Homeopathic Remedy for Pollen and Weed…

If you know you have allergic responses to spring allergens use this proactive approach:

→       Beginning first week of March each year, begin taking 6 drops of the customized homeopathic under your tongue twice daily (am/pm). This prepares the body, much like a natural immunization against specific contaminants.

→       Continue the above dosage through the entire first spring season you begin doing this. At the first sign of symptoms related to environmental pollens/weeds, take six drops 4-5 times daily spread out evenly. As soon as the season is passed, discontinue the drops.

NOTE: Keep in mind that homeopathics always go under the tongue (sublingually), that’s why they work so well because they’re immediately absorbed. That said, you cannot have ANYTHING that contains mint or in the mint family when taking homeopathics as it will neutralize the remedy and it won’t be effective. That means NO mint flavored chewing gum/mints, tea, toothpaste, etc.

The Health Matters Store carries these proprietary homeopathic complexes for most areas of the country and even some foreign countries; check with Sharon at the store, she will guide you to the right remedy.

What to Avoid…

If you are outdoors and react to spring allergens, do the following:

Pollens – Make sure and shower or bathe before bedtime to wash off pollens and other allergens in your hair and skin; especially on dry, windy days. Keep windows and doors shut, and use an air conditioner at home, office, and in your car. Make sure you replace filters monthly in high pollen areas, or wash them monthly if they are permanent filters.

Hint: If you’re like me and need a window open in the bedroom at night, purchase a smaller sized filter made for highly allergic individuals that is tall enough for the vertical height of the window, cut through the paper frame, and reattach with heavy duty masking tape for the width you want your window open. Place the filter in the open window to the width desired and close the window to fit snugly next to it to keep it in place. It works like a charm filtering the air while providing me the benefit of fresh air while sleeping.

The Way I See It…

Why would you continue to suffer seasonal allergies when there are natural remedies that can not only be used to build immunity to them but also for the symptoms? Order your Homeopathic Remedy for Pollen and Weed today, you’ll be glad you did…don’t wait until you’re in the midst of the symptoms and then expect immediate relief…nature doesn’t work that way

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