Being Thankful – Your Health Detective

At this Thanksgiving Holiday, I’m taking the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all of you, my readers and patients, for allowing me to guide you to health and how to live healthy in a toxic world.

The poem to the left reminded me of how the most simple achievements or pleasures have such a huge meaning when our lifestyle and health is compromised…I know…been there, done that!…click to continue reading…

When everything you’re exposed to or consume becomes your enemy, its difficult to realize that those small steps will eventually lead to the big ones that will walk you directly into health and a more conscious way of healthy living. 

So many of my patients are literally home-bound, as I once was. I remember the first time I could actually eat protein again because my liver was so damaged. Ah…the elation at the first bite of fresh goat cheese delivered to me by compassonate patients in Montana. Maybe to someone who hasn’t walked in these shoes it appears as a small thing…to the affected individual it’s huge! Your body is starving for protein, your muscles are wasting away and you’re so hungary you’d attack someone who walked in eating a big juicy organic burger…but then…maybe you wouldn’t since you know it will only serve to cause an allergic response until your body repairs itself…in my case…that response would have been my throat closing…on second thought…a moment of bliss isn’t worth hours of panic when you can’t swallow or breathe.

Several years later, I remind myself frequently how far I’ve come and what a blessing in disguise my illness was because when I consult with a patient, I’m coming from knowing what it’s like to have severe inflammation and a chemically-induced immune system disorder. I am reminded on a daily basis as I consult with patients that are so fearful they’ll never be “normal” again…oh that fear…how well I recall.

I travel extensively around the world now, teaching, lecturing and consulting. At times, the human sphere emerges and I find myself complaining of how much work it is to travel so much and the energy it takes to do so. I then immediately switch consciousness and say to myself, “How dare I complain. Years ago I was homebound, starving and my throat closed multiple times daily. Today I am able to go wherever I choose, even third world countries, as long as I use precautions. I have not become ill from any of my more than half a million miles of air travel, hotels and restaurant food…even though I do occasionally get unknowingly “zapped” with MSG or hidden nightshades that induce inflammation. I feel, and are often told, I look years younger than my sixty three years and proud to be a grandmother of four. I could not possibly have this perspective had I not been so ill and recovered.” So, my friends, the dedication I have to my Health Detective Investigative Reports and to my patients is expanded daily by the notes and emails I receive acknowledging my work…so…how dare I complain!

To all of you that do not have allergies, multiple allergic responses or a compromised lifestyle due to health challenges, give thanks daily for your blessings and pray for those who are so limited and need all the prayers, compassion and understanding they can get. No, it’s not easy to understand the limited resources and modifications needed by those who are so compromised. Instead of doubting the validity of their disorder, reach out and touch them with compassion…be thankful it’s not you..I’ve been in that position and the lack of validation is as poisonous as the disorder itself.

I wish all of you and your families health, love, and prosperity. May you continue to feed the curiosity in you that made you sign up for my investigative reports and/or to become a patient. Your support and kind words assist me in furthering my mantra of uncovering clues so that we can all make a difference one by one in spreading the word via Health thru Education, Naturally.

Respectfully, Your Health Detective

 Dr. Gloria

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