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Researchers and integrative health professionals worldwide agree that the greatest risk is repeated exposure to thousands of chemicals over a life-time, eventually creating a decreasing-tolerance and increased sensitivities and intolerances to food and environmental exposures.

New T-WAVE Technology – NO detergent required

Sophisticated technologies are now available that does not require detergents but rather are integrated into the new T-WAVE Cleaning Capsules. The effectiveness of these innovative capsules comes through two types of activated ceramics working in unison with magnets to enhance water’s magic solvency. Activated ceramics greatly increase the power of ionized water to penetrate cloth fabric, lift out dirt particles, and provide you with clean, fresh, laundry that retains its color – without damaging the fabric. In addition, they can actually increase fabric life while keeping colors bright, naturally.

All Natural Brightener

    For those times your laundry is extra-soiled, or white and colored clothes need a boost, use a capful of the enzyme papaya booster, TSUNAMI® – included in each order of 3 laundry capsules. This replaces bleach without harsh chemicals and is ideal for boosting the cleaning power of the capsules. It’s safe for all fabrics and an effective spot-remover when applied with a spray bottle directly on stains.

Conventional spot-removal products damage the environment with ingredients like surfactants and solvents – often derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource that biodegrades very slowly, if at all. Harsh chemicals are washed down the drain into our water supply and cause damage to the fragile ecosystem.

 What to look for in “safer” laundry detergents

Look for these key words on labels: biodegradable, nontoxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, preservative-free, and avoid fragrances because unless they’re pure essential oils they’re toxic.

Eco-friendly companies set standards for themselves that emphasize health and environmental ethics – they rely on plant-derived surfactants and solvents, peroxides as brighteners or bleach, and ingredients that biodegrade quickly.

For the first time, T-WAVE technology is available through mail-order from the Health Matters Store©. The cost of $79 per set equates to approximately .07 cents per load of laundry with no toxic effects to consumers or the environment. Why would you use anything else?  I used the first generation of these capsules for several years and now this generation is even better, if that’s possible.

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