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That article report set me on an investigative mission, since many of my clients are, let’s say, “In their golden years.” Once my search for clues began, I was amazed at what I found. Many of my clients still had old bottles of the stuff that had been sitting around for over 30 years.

I called a pharmacist to find out what age does to the potency of Merthiolate. He warned that as it ages it actually becomes stronger and could potentially burn the skin; he didn’t mention that it contained Thimerosal, as we know is a preservative containing mercury. Since Merthiolate is used as a common skin antiseptic, my findings are important to report to you, my readers.

If you, or someone you know, still have old bottles of Merthiolate collecting dust in their medicine cabinet, alert them of the dangers and importance of proper disposal – don’t just toss in the trash. Contact your local waste management district because anything containing mercury is considered hazardous waste according to the EPAs Universal Waste Rules.

Historical Perspective

Mercury was a commonly used ingredient in skin antiseptics prior to 1999 – and used as a preservative in vaccines. Mercury is still found in some vaccines, eye drops and nasal formulas.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), “Given everything we’ve learned over the past 30 years about mercury’s ability to damage brain function at even low levels, it’s hard to believe it’s still used, even in cosmetics; but, it is.”

In The Blink of an Eye

I’m providing a specific example below so readers can begin the process of investigating toxic substance they may not be aware of – read labels!

The investigative search by EWG discovered that Paula Dorf mascara, listed “Thimerosal” as the mercury preservative. Just consider the consequences if a little mascara gets in your eyes or face when it clumps or as is washed off.

Paula Dorf Cake Mascara ingredients for their product Foxy, according to investigative reports conducted by EWG are listed below:


Ingredients in this product are linked to, but not limited to, the following:


Developmental/reproductive toxicity

Cognitive disorders


Other concerns for ingredients used in this product include:
Neurotoxicity, Endocrine disruption, Persistence and Bioaccumulation, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Multiple-additive exposure sources, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Contamination concerns, Occupational hazards, Biochemical or Cellular level changes.

I worked in dentistry for several years prior to embarking my natural health career… I KNOW how toxic mercury is, I’m a victim of mercury poisoning. PLEASE check your cabinets, talk with your family members, friends and neighbors about these dangers so that we can all implement Health through Education, naturally.

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