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If you define barvery in terms of the number of times ones seeks confrontation intentionally, then yes barvery could be perceived as being affected. If you define barvery in terms of intensity i dont beleive it is affected beyond natural levels that would normally be displayed in any given situation.I don't believe barvery is reduced or increased beyond your natural tendencies. however, you may choose your battles more carelessly when suffering from anxiety disorders. This is basically due to being more sensitive about life. we tend to focus on the more unimportant things. This is not to say you will become more aggressive or less aggressive. Thinking time on what aggravates us is certainly increased, being unfulfilled ect. But from person to person, it will be different in terms of increased aggression, outward confrontation, inward bahaviour or avoidance, however, in general, behaviour is usually increased in either inward or outward behaviour or eradic bahaviour. But the level of barvery attached to any given situation i dont beleive will change beyond what you would normally do in that situation.Please contact me if more help is needed, i have a lot of experience in ocd through personal experience.

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